At Victory Academy we use the triangle philosophy to fulfill the development of “body, mind and spirit.” This equilateral triangle incorporates the academic, athletic and spiritual aspects of the school.

On the academic side, nurturing a strong academic work ethic to develop life-long learners is our expressed priority. Utilizing innovative programs, technology and hands on experiences provides children the excitement and enjoyment for learning to make this possible. We also feel that developing the mind of a student goes well beyond the core curriculum in an academic classroom, into the arts where new discoveries can be revealed through enhanced self expression.



The teacher looks not only at the truth of things; at the same time he looks at the faces of living men who desire to know His truth. Love of truth and love of men – only the two together constitute a teacher.” Thomas Aquinas



On the athletic side, we believe in the importance of developing the body for further education, maturity and overall well-being. Every student at Victory Academy must participate in some sort of physical activity on a daily basis. This aspect includes everything from opportunities to compete in athletics to education on how to take proper care of our body for a lifetime. We believe that invaluable lessons can be learned from the challenges of physical activity, self discipline, competition and teamwork.


The spiritual aspect serves as the base of the triangle and represents the foundation of the school. The heart of the gospel is that man can have a personal relationship with the Creator through Jesus Christ and any attempt to institutionalize this is ineffective. People created in God’s image are given a variety of gifts. We are to develop and offer these gifts to God by doing the best we can through his power in any endeavor. We find great peace and joy in the knowledge that no matter what we may face, the battle has already been won.



Victory is ours through Christ Jesus who conquered death on the cross – for us.