The name Winterim comes from the relatively short period of time between Thanksgiving and Christmas break. Because it has always been a difficult period for students to focus on traditional academic programs, it seemed like an ideal time to try something new.

Winterim is designed to challenge students to expand their knowledge beyond present experiences and to encourage a love of learning.  This is accomplished by a small group of students working closely with a faculty member in various non-traditional experiential courses like: exploring the history of rockets, which culminates with students designing and testing water and pressure fueled rockets, learning to sew,  and as a student gets older projects become more involved and can require trips to New Orleans after studying blues, rock and Delta culture. Winterim provides opportunities to fulfill the school’s mission through exploration in academics, arts, outdoors, and athletics.

Winterim Goals

  1. To expand the student’s worldview and knowledge through exposure to new ideas, new cultures, and/or new skills.
  2. To deepen relationships among students and faculty by working in small groups with a faculty member.
  3. To model a love of learning through faculty involvement with students.
  4. To eliminate the misconception that learning only occurs in a classroom environment and thus to develop lifelong learners.
  5. To reinforce in a different environment the ideas or concepts taught in the classroom.